Refurbished Dyson DC01 Vacuum Cleaners

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A piece of history was created in 1993. Originally known as the DA001, DC01 was the Dyson Company’s first upright vacuum that utilized the patented Dual Cyclone technology. The Dual Cyclone technology uses the power of the air to suck up dirt and filter out even the smallest particles and debris. Ever since then, Dyson has been one of the leading names in bagless technology.

The DC01 has been retired by Dyson; however all of our stock has been refurbished to working condition.

There are two main types of DC01 models, however the only difference is what type of filters are used. Both types utilize two filters to help keep small particles from escaping back into the air. One type uses only S-Level filters while the other one has a HEPA filter in addition to an S-Level filter. Make note of which vacuum cleaner you have because an S-Level filter will not work in place of a HEPA filter. Regardless, the filters should be checked regularly and replaced every three months to reduce blockages and keep the machine running smoothly. The DC01 can overheat if the filters are too dirty since it has to work harder to push the air through.

The DC01 is designed to be used solely on carpeted floors. There is no brush control to switch between carpeted and hard floors, so the power of the Cyclone technology is reduced greatly if you try and use it on tile. The wand attachment can extend to about 13 feet to make it easy to clean the stairs or under heavy objects. The DC01 uses 90 watts of suction power. Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, DC01 has a clear canister instead of a bag so you can see when the bin needs to be emptied.

The powerful brush bar makes it a great investment for pet owners. Even those who have high-moulting pets will be surprised by how well this model does at keeping the carpets hair-free.

Plenty of replacement parts are still available.

While Dyson did discontinue this range, you’ll still find plenty of replacement parts available. It’s actually still a really popular vacuum. Many people even prefer this first edition to the newer Dyson models on offer.

The great thing about buying refurbished hoovers is the fact they are cheaper, yet you don’t lose any of the quality. It’s just like buying a brand new vacuum, just at a fraction of the original price. Just remember that the filters aren’t designed to be washable. You will need to replace them approximately every three months if you want the vacuum to run perfectly.

Overall, more than 10 years on, this is one of Dyson’s greatest models to date. There’s also a range of accessories you can invest in such as dusting brushes, a hard floor tool and an ‘up-top’ tool which allows you to clean on top of cupboards and other hard to reach areas.