Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Refurbished Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Instant, high-reach wand. Filter captures allergens and expels cleaner air. Self-adjusting cleaner head. Motorised brush bar – turns off for hard floors.

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Traditional vacuums cleaners use a central filter to trap dust. Over time, these filters can get clogged leading to a reduction in suction power. The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor however, uses the patented Dyson Root Cyclone Technology™ which maintains the air pressure and captures more microscopic particles in the inner cyclones. In fact, Dyson upright vacuum cleaners capture more dust and dirt particles than any other vacuum cleaner.

Optimal floor contact is maintained across all floor types because the head in this vacuum cleaner is self adjusting. The base plate raises or lowers itself depending on the floor being hoovered. Ideal if you have a combination of carpet, vinyl or wooden floors in your house.

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor is a tough yet lightweight vacuum cleaner as most parts are made from high impact ABS. In addition, the Dyson Ball™ means it can be easily steered into all those awkward spots with a simple turn of the wrist.


Patented cyclone technology:Root Cyclone™ technology

Suction power:200 Air Watts (constant)

Movement type:Ball™ technology

Filter:Lifetime Washable filter

Bin capacity:1.6 litres

Dimensions (height x width x depth):1070mm x 350mm x 310mm

Maximum reach:11.95m

Cord length:7.5m


Dyson DC40 Multi Floor User Guide
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