Dyson DC07 Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dyson DC07 Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Refurbished Dyson DC07 Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner


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This Dyson DC07 Allergy has been refurbished (completely stripped, cleaned, faulty parts replaced, re-assembled and tested).

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If you suffer with allergies, the Dyson DC07 Allergy is one of the best hoovers you can invest in. Created with a HEPA filter, you can be guaranteed that 99.97% of dust and particles will be removed from the air. This significantly reduces the likelihood of you suffering a reaction to dust and other allergens. The air in your home will be a lot cleaner thanks to this hoover. The benefits don’t stop there however; the DC07 Allergy comes with some other useful features you should be aware of.

• Root8 Cyclone technology
• Fast stair and car cleaning
• High velocity airflow tools
• Clear bin
• Edge cleaning whiskers

This hoover guarantees a spotless finish. If you want to clean the stairs without having to carry the vacuum up with you, you’ll appreciate the extra-long hose feature. This makes cleaning the stairs, as well as your car, extremely simple.

The Root8 Cyclone technology ensures the hoover never loses suction. Provided you wash the HEPA filter every 3-4 months, it shouldn’t ever lose suction. The clear bin allows you to see exactly when it needs emptying. There’s also a simple trigger system which empties the bin for you without you needing to touch the dust.

Overall this hoover is excellent for allergy sufferers and it will leave your home looking spotless.


Suction power:270 Air Watts (constant)

Movement type:Fixed wheel

Filter:Lifetime HEPA filter

Bin capacity:3.36 litres

Dimensions (height x width x depth):1170mm x 360mm x 330mm

Cord length:11.28m


Dyson DC07 Allergy User Guide
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