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Generic Tool Kit


Fits all earlier Dyson upright vacuum cleaners upto and including Dyson DC14 range. If in doubt, please call or email before ordering.

Includes stair, brush and crevice tools.

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If you want to get the most out of your Dyson vacuum, the tool kit could be just what you need. It contains three different tools that help to make it easier to completely clean the home. It’s worth noting that these tools should only be used with models up to, and including, the DC14.

The three tools included in the kit are:

• Crevice tool
• Stair tool
• Dusting brush

The crevice tool is best used for cleaning small gaps. It can be difficult to get the head of you vacuum into tight spaces. Even though the vacuums in the range have been designed with some advanced features that make it easy to clean small spaces, you’ll still struggle when it comes to tight crevices.

The stair tool can be used on the furniture as well as the stairs. The smaller brush helps to protect the areas you are cleaning, will leaving them spotless.

Finally the dusting brush is great for the TV, curtains and even your keyboard.

This handy kit can be used literally anywhere in the home. Before you purchase it, make sure that the tool kit is compatible with your particular model.

Please note that this is a generic product, not Dyson branded.

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