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Dyson fans amplify airflow upto 18 times using Dyson Air Multiplier™ technology. Air is drawn from behind the fan using a physical process known as inducement.

Dyson fans are safe and easy to clean. With no blades to worry about, or safety grille to remove, simply wipe with a cloth.

Most conventional fans have a limited number of power settings, with a Dyson fan you can adjust the airflow with precision.

  • Dyson_Cool_AM08_Pedestal_Fan_White_Silver_1

    Dyson Cool AM08 Pedestal Fan (White / Silver)


  • Dyson_Cool_AM07_Tower_Fan_Iron_Blue_1

    Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan (Blue / Iron)


  • Dyson_Cool_AM06_Desk_Fan_White_Silver_1

    Dyson Cool AM06 12 Inch Desk Fan (White / Silver)


  • Dyson_Cool_AM06_Desk_Fan_Blue_Iron_1

    Dyson Cool AM06 12 Inch Desk Fan (Iron / Blue)